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Olympus E-620 Camera Review

Olympus E-620 Camera Review

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Entry Level DSLR - olympus-e-620

As shown by our Olympus E-620 camera review it might not get into the top echelons of DSLR’s on the strength of its complexity because this is a very simple camera but it more than makes up for it with its tech and features.

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When you pick up your photos from your local digital photo-printing center and realize that every shot is either blurry or ill lit, you may feel frustration. Well, thanks to this DSLR camera, there is no need to ever feel that way again. The Olympus E-620 has a Live sensor and TruePic III+ technology that, with 12.3 megapixels, ensures you get a clear, crisp and vibrantly colored image every time.

So what is so exciting about the technology and features that are packed into the Olympus E-620?  To start with it has a Live sensor and TruePic III+ technology and this together with 12.3 megapixels ensures crisp, well exposed and well saturated images.

Entry Level DSLR - olympus-e-620


The Olympus E-620 comes with Face Detection technology that differentiates between the faces of your subject(s) and the background; no more blurred faces and perfectly focused trees!

Photography literally means ‘Drawing with Light’ and amny entry level DSLR’s come with a range of artistic filetres and the Olympus E-620 is no exception featuring:

  • Pop Art
  • Grainy Film
  • Soft Focus
  • Pale
  • Light Color
  • Light Tone

As an entry level  photographer you will learn at your own pace but once you have a feel for your DSLR you will start to experiment and push the envelope. There is no longer a penalty for this as there was with film, if you don’t like the image simply bin it and take another.

With this in mind take a look at some of the other clever things the Olympus E-620 can do.

Entry Level DSLR - olympus-e-620

The Multiple Exposure function, which is very similar to Nikon’s HDR feature, allowing you to create shoot two or even three images and then lay them on top of each other. Having not hasd the opportunity to try this feature, I’m not sure if each capture can target a specific part of the image, such as highlights or shadows, to create a true HDR image. If it can then that will save the cost of an ND Grad filter and hours on Photoshop.

One of the most annoying things in photography is dust and detritus; there are a lot of third party cleaning products on the market but nothing is better than a sensor that self-cleans. As it happens the Olympus E-620 does just that; with its Dust Reduction System, Olympus uses its Supersonic Wave Filter that sends out a vibration 30,000 times per second thereby effectively removing any dust.

The Olympus E-620 does not have HD video capabilities, a feature that wouldn’t bother me as I have never used video on my DSLR but for those who want that feature I am afraid you will need to look elsewhere.

The Olympus E-620 has a seven-point twin cross automatic focus capabilities that allow you to quickly and easily focus on your target vertically and horizontally.

The Olympus E-620 is a bit of a plain Jane but has some redeeming features. It accepts both an SD memory card and an xD Picture Card.

The Olympus instruction manual is an excellent resource and is backed up by the Olympus site that has an E-620-specific FAQs section.


The Olympus E-620 is a great entry-level DSLR camera with a good set of features including its Multiple Exposure function and Face Detection technology.

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