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Sony SLT-A55 Camera Review

Sony SLT-A55 Camera Review

Sony SLT-A55 Camera Review

The Sony SLT-A55 comes packed with expert level features and technology that takes your photography to another level. As an entry level DSLR it is fantastic and comes highly recommended. This is without doubt one of Sony’s best ever entry level DSLR’s.

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As a great fan of technology that improves the user experience I love discussing Sony because they never fail to push the envelope and this camera features a piece of technology that embodies that ethos.

This is one of the first DSLR’s (let alone an entry level DSLR) to use ‘Translucent Mirror Technology’. Not only does this sound as sexy as hell but for a tech geek this is as sexy as hell! In simple terms what the Translucent Mirror does is to direct light to the Phase-Detection system, or the auto focus system.

Sony SLT-A55 Camera Review frontal view

In layman’s terms Translucent Mirror Technology has definite advantages; the A55 entry level DSLR is aimed squarely at enthusiasts. One of the astounding facts is that this camera offers a burst mode of 10fps; this is more than what the Nikon D90 (4.5fps) and Canon EOS 50D (6.3fps) can deliver. So, if your bag is sports then you will find this feature extremely useful.

According to Sony, “the translucent mirror helps to reduce the size and weight of the camera. This is because the optical pentaprism has been replaced by an electronic viewfinder. This allows the A55 to be 23% smaller and 26% lighter than their A550, which tips the scales at 599g and measures 137 x 104 x 84mm.”

Without a doubt, the Japanese electronics giant has raised the benchmark for entry level DSLR’s with the A55. The innovative use of Pellicle mirrors, electronic viewfinders and onboard GPS will make a lot of the other players in the DSLR market sit up and take notice.

When you look through the lens of your DSLR camera in Live View, the LCD monitor and electronic viewfinder “provide a what-you-see-is-what-you-get preview of white balance, focus, depth of field, exposure and 100 percent framing accuracy,” according to the Sony product page for this DSLR camera. The Live View feature is also made possible by the Translucent Mirror.

Sony SLT-A55 Camera Review rear view

According to the Sony technical page for the A55, the Translucent Mirror also assists with the live view feature; ‘Live View’ gives real time feedback concerning the white balance, focus, depth of field, exposure and 100% framing accuracy

This DSLR has the ability to continually shoot up to 10 fps; combine that with the AUTO+ mode and Phase Detection Auto Focus, and you have one powerful camera.

In addition the Dynamic Range Optimizer specializes in clearing the shadows that surround the subject matter, recovering details and improving the quality of the image by illuminating backlit situations.

Not only can you take fantastic sill images, this entry level DSLR also has full HD movie capabilities. It employs a variety of creative effects, including the “rack focus” movie effect, which allows you to shift the focus between foreground and background images, how cool is that.

The complicated procedure taking and then of stitiching multiple images together to obtain Panoramic shots is over; with another fab pice of tech simply use the Sweep Panorama Mode or the 3D Sweep Panorama Mode. When using the regular Sweep Panorama Mode, simple press the shutter down and move vertically or horizontally to capture your scene. The DSLR camera will automatically stitch the images together!

Sony SLT-A55 Camera Review internal view


The 3D Panorama Mode divides the shooting process and records right-eye and left-eye images, which will provide a truly amazing viewing 3D experience on your 3D television.


Sony, once again, has shown their flair for ‘useful technology’ and their capability for making a fantastic product. The SLT-A55 is one hell of an entry level DSLR and is definitely one that you can use as a novice photographer and continue to use as you develop your experise.

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